This is Her Story of Peace, Love, and Strength


Mia got sick.  Some kind of virus? Who knows? We don’t know what started it, but it turns out that she developed Giant Cell Myocarditis. We had never heard of it? But that doesn’t matter. And things happened fast. As it turns out, people who suffer from Giant Cell Myocarditis usually don’t survive. Matter of fact, depending upon which source you find, MiaBella appears to be only the 10th child (in the world) to survive to this point. To be sure, many more people contract Giant Cell, but the vast majority do not survive long enough to have a heart transplant, which is the only way to survive Giant Cell. We didn’t know she had this until 4 days after her transplant.

Anyway, as I was saying, Mia ended up having this Myocarditis.  Via an unbelievable series of seemingly unrelated miracles… she ended up at Primary Children’s Medical Center in SLC, where she has been taken care of since Saturday, May 28th.
And, as I have already said, Mia has since undergone and been given the ‘Gift of Life’ in the form of a heart transplant.  Her new ‘Heart Day’ was June 5th! And we are looking forward from there!
It will be some time before our Mia can come home, but in the mean time, we’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to visit this site and share your thoughts and prayers with Mia and our ‘Family of Friends’.
We are so blessed.
Peace to you and yours.
Thanks for visiting.
Love, THEMBricks

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