This is Her Story of Peace, Love, and Strength

Ride Across America!

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15, 2011 5:48 PM, MDT
Ok! 3 hours of SOLID sleep!!!
I’m a New Man!!  I’m heading back up to the P.C.M.C. 2nd floor, the C.I.C.U., Home to a shockingly unexpected number of ……. SUPER-HERO’S!!!
The patients, the parents, and the slew of folks up there remind me of some ‘secret society’ of Super Hero’s!  And Thank God for them….. the nurses; the doctors; the tech’s; everyone up there who helps these kids and their families.  But the kids!…… they are the Top of the Heap. They are all so inspiring.
But I wanted to tell everyone about Dr. Eric Scaife and his in incredible journey he is about to take: Dr. Scaife was at home with his family on the day our MiaBella went into cardiac arrest. Within minutes from receiving the call, Eric was in Mia’s room and placing the ecmo canula’s and tubes into my daughter’s neck and into her heart, saving my daughter’s life and giving us the chance to receive the next miracle, which, unbeknownst to us, was a heart almost exactly 7 days later.  To be sure, there were many other people in that room that helped “Save” my daughter’s life, like the wonderful Drew, and Torrie (who took a “shower”!  I can laugh about it now), who gave her the life-saving compressions for 48 minutes! and many, more than I can mention.  They are ALL on my Super-Hero list.
Oh, I digress….(not necessarily a surprise!)…. anyway, in 3 days, Dr. Scaife and his team begin a 24 hour a day Race Across America, on bicycles, in relay form.  It is part of the Team Donate Life, founded in 2004-5; history and story here:
His team is called The Liverators (He’s on the Liver Transplant team at P.C.M.C.), and he is dedicating the ride to MiaBella!! in her honor!
You can find details about the race and the fundraising efforts here:
You can find his name, under the Liverators team roster, and click on his name “Eric Scaife”, or you can also try this:
Once again, another Hero to Thank! Thank you, Eric, for everything you have done for Mia and for us, AND for the many patients and kids that you help.
I once rode a bike across France, and am jealous at the idea of riding across our own great country! So ‘Good Luck’! Have a Blast! and “Rubber Side Down!”, as they say! See you when you return!  Mia will be waiting to thank you herself. 😉



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