This is Her Story of Peace, Love, and Strength

MONDAY, JUNE 6, 2011 1:48 PM, MDT
Heidi and I (and Eli and Mia, of course!) have been talking about what we experienced at Reservoir Park yesterday, and we wanted to try to tell you how it made us feel…….

Profoundly Grateful.
Supported. Lifted Up by all your Love, Concern, Compassion, and seemingly limitless willingness to be of Service to Mia and our family.
We both agreed…… We have the BEST FRIENDS in the WORLD!!! And it’s gone from the Wolf-Pack of 3 to the Largest Wolf-Pack of Hundreds or even thousands across this beautiful planet!!  Some people even think I’ve got friends in outer space……… ?
Anyway, Today has been a GREAT day! Yesterday was even Better!!!
Your loving embrace as Heidi and I walked into your circle of Love and Prayer, and getting to see our son, and each of you, was the most incredible experience (second to being told my Mia was going to get a new Heart!) I have ever received and been part of.  We only hope that the gathering was able to bring each of you some much needed Peace, and a feeling of Love, and to help support each of you who have been feeling the pain from an uncomfortable distance. I mean, I’m standing right there, Heidi and I, watching this happen; holding her hand; whispering intimate messages of never-ending love into her quiet ear; and as painful and as difficult as it has been, at least we get to be there.  So, I can only imagine how difficult it has been for each of you, and her beautiful dear friends.
I have been busy up here, trying to help support the other parents of other children who are also experiencing similar tragedies, and trying to make little hearts and Danger Cats, and pillows, etc, for the little babies and kids stuck up there with Mia……… But I wanted to make sure you knew how much Heidi and I were lifted up by your powerful energy and in seeing the degree of sacrifice you have all given to Mia and to us.
That is all, for now………..
Oh, except that tomorrow morning they are taking Mia back into surgery to ‘close’ her up, and to see if she can breath on her own.  Tomorrow is a HUGE day.  We need to get her closed up to try and prevent infection, as she is extremely immunosuppressed and at great risk of infection.
So!!….. Say a lovely prayer! Sing a Beautiful Song!!! CHANT it out to the Universe! of the Beauty of this planet! Of the Power of Love! and of the Uniqueness of Friendship!…… and the Gift of Life.  May MiaBella continue to be Blessed, and All of Us at the same time, so that she can one day give thanks to each and every one of you, and to continue to build those relationships that make this trip on Earth worth doing.
This entire experience, no matter how painful, no matter the outcome (albeit I have a hopeful ending), this has been an INCREDIBLE lesson and one heck of a Wild Ride!!
Life is for Living! and Mia-B and we All really have been blessed to have this experience and to share it as a community and a ‘Family’!
So Be it. Blessed Be. Amen.
T & H of THEMBricks
…..again, please keep that pH ‘up’ in that ‘pie-hole’ of yours. You know that bacteria causes heart disease, don’t you??  😉



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