This is Her Story of Peace, Love, and Strength

SATURDAY, JUNE 11, 2011 4:41 PM, MDT
Ok, ok,……… ok.

I know I should know better.  I just had my own little anoxic moment early this morning after a long, difficult night, and I spewed a little toxic energy. Well, it happens.  Sorry that some of you had to read it.
It’s just very had to watch, helpless…… doing everything I could to help the beautiful doctors and nurses throughout the night…… and not really able to do ANYthing!  I found myself wishing she’d need to have the sheets changed, or whatever. I can do that! I’m getting GOOD at that!
Why is it so hard to remember that only 6 days ago my daughter received the Miracle of Life?? Ha!  This is a lesson for ALL of US to learn!!  Spend as MUCH time focusing on the GOOD things that come; the GIFTS that we are given; the BLESSINGS we receive; and LESS on the negative, depressing, and backward slides!   Sometimes, it seems that the Snowball Effect that starts rolling when good things happen, or when we begin to ride that Positive Wave, we forget to lookout for the shallow reef! Those darn ‘snow-snakes’ in what appeared to be a field of fresh pow!  And when you hit one, when the setback or even lateral path interrupts the forward ‘expected’ progress, we can be (and I was) throne off balance and end up with a facefull of cold, hard, reality at best, or even a complete ‘garage sale’, injury inducing event at the worst?!  If we haven’t braced ourselves (not with pessimism and gloomy projection) but with excited optimism at the next, unexpected, unforseen challenge, then you can stay standing, and even plow on through the minor speed bump!  Welcome to my overly imaginative mind.  I love analogies, allegories, and similitudes!  Sincerely.
Anyway…..ok, so here’s the Mantra for the Day: Poop happens! And if you live long enough, totally engaged, and walk around enough, you’re destined to get a little between the toes! Especially if you walk barefoot. Or with those new 5 toed shoes?  So, just be ready to wipe it off and keep on running!
With this in mind, (and after multiple attempts to help her clear her lungs), we’ve decided to give her a break! She needs some sleep. So we’re letting her sleep a little, and recover her strength slowly, and we’ll get the lungs cleared up over time.  The goal of getting her off the built up our personal expectations and didn’t allow for the presence of a few ‘snow snakes’ in the form of lung-schmutz.
But No Worries!! We’re back on track!
Miss MiaBella will heal.
It will take time.
After the Miracle we were granted, we just expected it to keep on rolling.  And, we will.  At the right pace.
So don’t worry about Mia any more than you already do! She’s being taken care of.
I just read the latest posts to the Guestbook, and I absolutely Love the sweet, encouraging words from all of you young ladies! Mia is just the luckiest kid in the world to have such amazing friends!  I can’t wait to begin reading them to her again.  Maybe tomorrow.  For now, she needs to sleep!
And thank you to Debra. Who’s words made me cry…. but gave me hope, too.  Can’t wait to meet you someday.  The other day when Brian Corralles held the advancement test, and presented the Dan Belts to Mia’s friends and fellow-candidates, I was moved to tears watching the red belts dance their way through one of the forms.  I didn’t even have to close my eyes and I can ‘see’ my Mia completing it in my mind. So beautiful. So powerful. So smooth and confident.  I was afraid I would never see it again.  And that is wrong. You are proof. And so will be Mia.
I also wanted to thank all our ‘Family’ of Friends all over the world.  In Germany, Mia has ‘Family’ who are hurting. And we want you all to know we tell her about you and your words. Love to the ‘ReAL Soccer team, Holzkirchen roster’!  We’ll see you soon.
Benedizioni and Grazie! to the Profaizer and Bertagnolli families in Italy! To Heidi’s cousins in Australia.
To the monks in Tibet who prayed and meditated over Mia; to all the climbers at the Divisional Indoor Climbing Championships held today in Salt Lake City at Momentum, and Mel and Jeff, who all had feather’s put into their hair, and wrote “Mia” on their arms in tribute as they climbed; to the Vertical World climbing team from Seattle, and those from California, who didn’t even know Mia, but participated anyway because they wanted to show their support and send her more love! Again, to the soldiers in Afgahnistan, and my buddies down in Alexandra, So. Island, N.Z.; to the folks up around Ruby Lake, B.C. and in Vancouver, we love you, too.  To so many lovely people, all over this incredible country, and over this beautiful world…… we thank you and we love you, too.  To those of you who have been close enough to lay your hands upon Mia and give her a blessing, a prayer, and your energy.  To our parents, and their friends, all over the world (and in Denver!) who are praying and sending their love. To all of you who care about Mia and who we have never met. We thank you. And we will do everything we can to honor the love, the positive energy, and the prayers of Faith, by staying as positive as we can. And in doing all we can NOT to forget the miracles we have already received!!
All I need to do is read your words, and feel your energy and prayers, and I am once again lifted!  And to remember my own gratefulness, my own faith in the miracle gift my daughter has already received.
And as we sachet down this new little path we’re now on, I’ll try not to focus too long upon the warm, disconcerting feeling between my toes.
oxo (that’s a kiss sandwhich, between two hugs)
tbrick of THEMBricks
ps. I ran out of Closys, and can you believe they don’t have B.Soda here in the hospital??? Incredible! 😉 Stock up! for just these times!



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