This is Her Story of Peace, Love, and Strength

Maya and Mia. Myocarditis Angels!!! and new Friends!

Thanks to all of you crazy, wonderful, beautiful people!!!………..

We couldn’t get through all the cards and kind gifts yesterday!  Mia tried hard! But, her little eyes just couldn’t stay open. It reminded me of when I go to Bombay House, and my appetite is so much bigger than my stomach! and I just want to keep eating.  THus, the pudge and family nickname, B.F.D.  But that’s another story.

Anyway, Mia is sleeping now…… but I wanted to tell everyone what a GREAT DAY she had yesterday!!!  THANK YOU ALL!!! so much.  The folks in Minnesota, the friends in Soo Bahk all over the world, the friends here in good old Slick Lake City, your cards and well-wishes on-line filled her day with Love.

She DID get her Mac Air laptop………. spoiled rotten CICU patient that she is!! 😉  And she loves to read your comments here on her website.  We are having her write her comments in a journal, and I’ll share some of them some day.

Till then, I just wanted to say, Thank you. And so does she.  We are making excellent progress. And, with continued luck, blessings, and hard work, she will be off the dreaded ‘tube’ soon!  Maybe by the end of next week? foregoing any setbacks.  You’ll be the First to know!

So, as Paul Cardall plays the tunes in the room, my beautiful daughter sleeps.  New heart, new future, new dreams.  We are so lucky. We are so Blessed.

tbrick of thembricks

ps. send your prayers to a new friend, Hanah Hornbeck, down in Arizona……. who is having some rejection problems from her own heart transplant.  She is back in the hospital. And we are praying for her. Hanah is another Angel who had Giant Cell Myocarditis and received her new heart a year or so ago. We know she can do it!!!


Comments on: "Mia's Birthday Continues!!!……" (4)

  1. lee cotter said:

    Sweet Mia, I think of you and your family each day as you heal and get stronger. I am amazed and so happy to see the pictures and I just know that each day will get better and better.
    We don’t know each other, but share so many awesome mutual friends (and I also have a son your age). Anyway, hang in there sweet girl (and fam)…. So many are praying for you and sending so much love!!!
    The Cotter family

  2. we returned an hour ago from a family reunion and party (my folks’ 50th anniversary) in mexico, where thoughts of you were with me. one morning over a short talk about the dreams we had, my (3) sisters looked at me as if i had 2 heads when i told them i dreamed about my dentist all night. i gently shared the story, since two of them are moms, too, and so as to not shock. i wasn’t sure what my dreams meant but hoped it was all for the good. natch, as soon as i had a chance i came here to read about your progress, mia, and to rejoice in all the very large tiny steps you are making. tu corazon nuevo es muy bien, si? looking forward to more happy notes from you and your peeps. xoxo

    • 2 more things: i forgot to mention that i knew it was mia’s birthday on the first, thought of her many times, and sent wishes northward from nayarit … and i just read your entry of 06.25.11, tom. whew.

  3. bonnie martineau said:

    Hannah, Jason, Phil and I are all keeping track of Mia’s progress and were so elated to hear about how things are going. Celebrate at the steps forward…pray harder at a step back. Strange to think about all of this and how its a perfect example of how we are all interconnected…
    love ya!


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