This is Her Story of Peace, Love, and Strength

Nick Rimando and Kyle Beckerman give the Thumbs Up! with MiaBella

Mia was visited by a couple of studs yesterday.  They also brought along two guys who happen to play soccer for a living.

Johnny Kimball ( I think he goes by “John”, but I’ve always known him as “Johnny”, and he’s too nice a guy not to call him by his childhood moniker) and Brook Bingham, both who work for and with ReAL Salt Lake Soccer, and who are friends and fellow Sigma Chi’s, went out of their way to bring Nick Rimando (Goal Keeper) and Kyle Beckerman (Midfield/RSLCaptain) to the hospital to meet Mia and our new friend, Kendra Muller.  Kendra is currently in the N.T.U., but was in the P.I.C.U. with us for about a month.  She is also a soccer player (like Mia) and suffered a spinal chord  injury that has temporarily put her on the sidelines.

Johnny and the boys brought Mia and Kendra their own ReAL Home Jersey’s with their names on the back!!! Mia get’s to share Nick’s number (18), and Kendra shares Kyles (5).  I will tell you, we had to fight the nurses off the boys, and Heidi’s one regret is that she didn’t get a photo with them herself!!  I had to wipe the drool off Heidi’s cheek after they left! 😉

It was very special and so very thoughtful of them all to take the time to come support these girls.  They lifted their spirits and gave them something to remember.

I just wanted to tell everyone that these guys are not only great athletes, they are also men of quality, of compassion, and well spoken, too.  Which is surprising! Right?! I mean, aren’t these guys just supposed to be just “Jock’s”?  I know a common assumption is that professional athletes are all supposed to be self-serving and egotistical. And I suppose in many cases, it may be true. But, after meeting these two men, I was impressed. Nick even offered to come back by to visit again if we ever needed him, and we invited both of them to the next gathering in our back yard around the Jesus Barrel. Mia hopes to be Nick’s next baby-sitter, and the next time we have a party, Kyle said he would bring the team over. I warned him about the house rules about the hot-tub, and he said that was no problem. Anybody interested in attending the next party, let us know.  🙂 I’ll be taking bids for who gets to join the boys from ReAL in the hot tub at the next party…… all proceeds go to Mia. 🙂  Heidi’s not allowed in the hot-tub any more.  😉  jk.  But seriously…… these are good men.  And we thank them.

The only tense moment was when I asked Kyle, since he couldn’t kiss Mia due to her immune suppression, if perhaps I could get a kiss or hug instead??  I mean, c’mon?! SOMEONE in the family ought to score one off the RSL dread-locked ‘heart throb’!?!  And if Heidi was too shy to ask,….. I certainly am not!  I already asked, and finally received!, a hug from the new Head of Surgery, Dr. Gruber! (Who was part of Mia’s transplant), contrary to all predictions from the nursing staff- and much to their delight!  So, why not from Kyle??

Thanks John and Brook for making this happen. In Hoc

And I may have poured it on too much when I suggested Kyle get a feather or two put into his hair in support of Mia?  I showed him mine, but after I’d just asked for a hug or kiss, I think it might have put him over the edge?  Anyway,……..  c’est la vie!

So, I just have to comment on how wonderful it was for Kendra to meet Kyle, who she had written a paper on in school, and who was her soccer ‘idol’.  I took a picture when Kyle asked if he could give Kendra a kiss on the cheek.  You should have seen her smile!!!  well, I guess you will! (if I can figure out how to upload another picture! sorry, Brian! I’m horrible at this stuff!)





Bed time. After reading a little "Firewing".

It’s another day, and Mia is on the Bi-Pap machine, instead of the t-tube. Which is nice.  But it comes with it’s own set of ‘negatives’.  Like, try sticking your head out of the car window at 60 mph, and try to breath comfortably………. for 24 hours a day, days and days in a row??   It’s brutal.  But it’s air.  And without it, Mia can not support herself.  So, unless we have to replace the t-tube, she remains on the full face mask.  It’s exhausting, and she can’t talk and barely hear over the noise of the rushing air.

She so appreciates hearing from you all, as she surfs her website and reads all that she can.  She is one tough kid, as we all know. But she’s also a 12 year old ‘little’ girl. And she looks forward to a day when she can see all of you again.

For now, …… that is all.  I’m off to work for the day.  Thanks to my incredible staff and patients, for being tolerant and supportive.

I’m STILL the luckiest guy you know.

With love and Appreciation,

TBrick of THEMBricks

ps. Baking Soda. It’s what’s good for you.  or, your teeth. 😉



Comments on: "A Visit from Nick and Kyle of RSL!" (8)

  1. Kristin McQuivey said:

    Dear Mia and my other awesome cousins,

    Had dinner yesterday with my dad and got caught up on your valiant, inspiring fight. All my love and light goes to you, your amazing dad and mom, and your sweet brother Eli. I think of you all throughout each and every day. Sometimes I catch myself starting to complain about something small and stupid in my life, and I think of you. I think of how brave you are. And suddenly my complaint is obviously small and stupid, and instead I feel humble and grateful.

    You have special angels in Heaven that are working miracles for you, Mia. Your Great Grammy Russell and Great Aunt Kathie are two of the very best angels up there and I know they love you so much and are nearby.

    Can’t even express how much I love my Brickey cousins. I hope and pray with all my heart that today was a good day.

    Big hugs,

  2. Hi there, beautiful Mia Bella.
    It’s Graces Grandma, Deeds.
    I’m in Lake Tahoe with my daddy. He’s 92 years old.
    Fortunately, he lives in a gorgeous place.
    How lucky for Grace to have a Great, Great Grandfather
    that she will always remember.
    After years of skiing, golfing, boating, being on the war,
    playing serious collage sports, he has finally decided to take it easy and rest. A LOT ..
    I think of you every single day and pray for your health more times than I can count. Sending big kisses and gobs of love for you all. Xxoo

  3. Aditi aggarwala said:

    Hi Mia,

    You don’t know me personally but I feel I know you so well through your parents words. You are one lucky girl to be blessed with such incredible parents and the greatest brother.
    I was so happy to see your picture in today’s post. I hope you feel better soon.

    You are always in our prayers

    Aggarwala Family

  4. Curt Overcast said:

    Dear Mia,

    My office colleagues and I continue to watch with great admiration the courage you are showing during your recovery. You are an inspiration to hundreds of people you’ve never met! Keep your chin up and one day soon you’ll be home.


    P.S. Uuummm…I was left tackle on my high school football team if you’re interested in a picture?…(probably not).

  5. Muffy Ferro said:

    Dr. Tom are you saying that Kyle Beckerman did not kiss you???! After being given the opportunity outright? I cannot believe this! What a strange decision on his part. Just to make up for it I am going to make sure my husband gives you the biggest kiss and hug ever the next time he sees you! 😉 Brushin, flossin, and neutralizin up here in our little corner of Wyoming with a toast to Mia each morning!!!

  6. Whitney said:

    Awesome, Mia!!! I bet it was cool meeting those guys…i want to steal your shirt. But I guess since my name isn’t Mia it wouldnt be as cool.

    I glad the tube is still gone. But sorry about the BiPap. You do look cool in it though. It reminds me of what jet fighter pilots wear… Ya. Sorry… not so cool for you.

    I was watching video of you today that your dad posted on Facebook. You are a pretty bad ass board breaker! I can see myself getting my foot caught in the partially broken board and falling over backwards. Really… it would be very much something I would do. So, petty much, I think you are a swift-kickin, jet flyin, awesome chic that has a shirt I really want! Oh… and you got to meet some pretty smokin hot soccer players, too.

    I am sending you lots of love, sweetie. Time to get the world’s loudest hair dryer out of your ears!
    Much love, Whitney

  7. Tom, Laurie and Carson said:

    OMG! Kyle’s never kissed anyone in our family despite our loyal attendance at ALL his home games! Carson will be SOO jealous Mia! And Nick’s cool but he’s so married. We think of ya’ll daily and send vibes.

    With TLC,
    Tom, Laurie and Carson

  8. bonnie martineau said:

    awwww….sweet pictures, and all of those hunks there, just for Mia!! and, nice petzl light, tom…you must be camping!
    love you all

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