This is Her Story of Peace, Love, and Strength

Mia and her friends, Grace and Genevieve

Mia, one of her wonderful nurses, Tracey, and Eli after a great day!

watch the video below to hear it in her own words…….

Go to the Facebook site…….. I can’t seem to upload the video here. Sorry.




Comments on: "In her Own words…. and that of her loud mouthed father." (3)

  1. Mia I hope that u get better!

  2. We continue to follow your amazing journey!! It is so wonderful to see your daily progress! Keep fighting MIa……so many are praying for you!!

    from Mason (a fellow heart transplant recepient) and his mommy

  3. Karen Heichman said:

    Dear Mia and family,

    We just got back home to SLC to read about your fantastic progress. Congratulations on the great work! You look so lovely, determined and strong! We are all so thrilled to see you enjoying the air outside. Glad to hear you have all weathered the nearly unbearable valleys following those precious peaks.

    Let us know when we can bring by some homemade sorbet for you and the family. Favorite flavors?

    Karen, Bill, Karsten and Annika

    P.S. Are deliveries by teenage boys allowed yet, Tom?

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