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Back to School! Hopefully:)

As you all know, I haven’t been to school at all this year. And, it’s finally time to go back! January third is the big day! I’m getting so excited! I can’t WAIT to see everyone again! I have really missed my friends, and everyone at Rowland Hall.

My schedule is wacked up though:)

I leave all my classes 5 minutes early.

I can’t sit by anyone during class (which means I have to have my own desk).

I have to carry a bag with everything I need in it everywhere I go (masks…wipes… orange tic-tacs,….etc. You know, the essentials:)

I eat in one of my class rooms with two of my friends (no cafeteria.)

At first I’ll only go to school 2 days a week.  I’ll hopefully be able to increase the days as I go along.

Nobody can touch me. (No Hugs!  ;-( Boo! But, someday I will be able to give hugs again!)

Even with all of that, I CAN’T WAIT to go to school!!!!! I saw one of my friends today and he said, “We’ve got a lot of really strict rules now :). Like, how to sneeze or cough into our elbows!” (My Mom and Dad say “Thanks, Nurse Shirley, and Amanda!)

Christmas is here now, and I can’t wait!!! My grandma is coming to stay at my house from Idaho, and my cousins from New York are coming to stay at my uncles! I am so excited! Because the last time I saw them, it was right after I got out of the hospital. And, I wasn’t feeling the best then:) I couldn’t really do anything with them.

The Day after Christmas, One of my many Best Friends is coming to stay with us from Wisconsin!! She used to live 3 houses up from me! We usually go to Hawaii every year together. That’s usually when we see each other. But that didn’t happen this year. I was kind of busy in June this year:) So she’s coming in for Christmas! I can’t wait!

I had a Biopsy last week on Tuesday. Everything was clear! No rejection and my cathlabb was perfect! But the day didn’t begin so good! When we got to the hospital the whole second floor was filled with the overwhelming smell of the cafeteria cooking enchiladas! And I thought we were in Tiajuana,… in a bad part of town. 😦  That did not go well with my stomach… So after trying to just breath, I finally puked. I looked up at Mom, and asked her if she thought it smelled bad too? I must have looked pretty bad, because Mom just ripped the top off a garbage can and I left my ‘breakfast’ right there. And I didn’t even have any breakfast. So much for sterile conditions! I puked right before the appointment.

When we finally went back to get ready, the doctor wasn’t so sure that I should go to sleep with the gas. I decided that I would be fine and go to sleep with the gas anyways. Well, apparently I puked again right as I fell asleep. I guess rootbeer smelling gas and enchiladas are not so good for my stomach!  So, they intubated me. 😦 I know they did it for a good reason, because they didn’t want me to aspirate stuff into my lungs during the procedure. My throat was soar for a couple days and I hope I don’t have to be intubated again next time.  Either way, I am so thankful for the nice people up at Primary Childrens.  They took such good care of me. I’m so happy I get to have another Christmas! I almost didn’t! Thanks Mikey!

Anyways, I hope you all have a Wonderful, Beautiful, Family filled Christmas! And Happy Hannukah, too!


MiaBella ❤


Comments on: "Back to School! Hopefully:)" (9)

  1. I can’t. Wait to see you again I miss being you friend!!!!!

  2. And Merry Christmas!

  3. You are an amazing kid! Good luck to you! I hope your recovery process goes better than planed!

  4. Kassidy Johnson said:

    Ohhhh Mia!!! Hallelujah!! Haha:) I’m glad your here for Christmas too. I’m glad we went to moab together too. Whenever I’m with you it shows me miracles are possible. I love you Mia!!!!

  5. Quincy Jackson said:

    Aw Mia, YOU ROCK! I can’t wait to see you at school again. My dream is really about to come true (litterally)! Well now I have everything I wanted for Christmas, and all my wishes have came true, thanks :).

  6. You crack me up Mia! I’m so excited for you to go back to school. I know you want to so bad.
    Merry Christmas & come visit us again!

  7. David Brickey said:

    Another fun post! Thanks for the update. Looking forward to spending Christmas Eve with you and all of the Phillips kids. See you soon! Love, The other Brickey’s

  8. Holly Wyatt Rosse' said:

    How great that you get to go back to school and be with your friends! Very exciting news for you! We all hope that you have a wonderful Christmas with your family, you are in our hearts at this time of year and always!

  9. We sure love you, Mia … I hope you know how proud we are of you — your attitude, strength, humor & poise are amazing. YOU are amazing. ❤

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