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June 1, 2011
Dear Friends,
I have been asked by Tom and Heidi to help author Mia’s CaringBridge site.  I met with Dr. Tiffany Glasgow today who provided me with the following medical update…

Mia’s heart hasn’t recovered function, so far.  She remains on ECMO and is still in stable condition.  Some positive news is that her doctors have been giving her breaks from the paralyzing medications and she has been responding well to the neurology tests, which tells us that she has some good brain functioning. Now we just wait to see…

On behalf of the family, I need to reiterate,  NO VISITORS PLEASE!  Because Tom and Heidi are such loving, caring people they will not ask you to leave.  They are spending so much energy on understanding and coping with the situation, that they don’t have any energy left to give to us.  Here’s a helpful mantra, “Because I love you, I am leaving you alone”. However, throughout the day, they are checking the lovely messages sent in Mia’s Guestbook, so please use this resource to send your love.

Dr. Tiffany Glasgow wanted to pass along that the doctors who are taking care of Mia are phenomenal professionals. They are doing all they can, and are doing it well.  Please trust in their ability to care for MiaBella and leave the medical advise to her team of caregivers.

Finally, if you happen to cross paths with Tom and Heidi, please DO NOT ask questions!  Help allow them to try to do some of their own routine and have some normalcy. Once again, the Guestbook is an excellent way to express your support and is where Tom and Heidi would like you to go if you do have questions, want updates, or want to offer support.  All questions you may have will hopefully be answered in these journal updates. Tom and Heidi would like to express gratitude for all of the prayers, thoughts, and positive energy sent their way.  They are feeling it!

Much love to you all,
Amanda Wissler



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