This is Her Story of Peace, Love, and Strength

"The Eyes Have it!!"

THURSDAY, JUNE 2, 2011 2:15 AM, CDT
Hello Beautiful People!!!

After a long day, Heidi and I sat down on our lovely twin bed here at the hospital in the sleeping room (for which we are eternally grateful!),  and we read through the comments, tributes, and well wishes from all of you!!!  It is incredible.  You have all been so kind and generous in your giving and your compassion.  We thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. Your support has helped to sustain us through this surreal and difficult time.
Today began with Mia coming off of the hypothermia/cooling study that she was placed in, and it was so nice to feel her skin warm again!! The 48 hours of intentionally induced hypothermia is thought to help with overall recovery and limiting the potential damage sustained in the type of cardiac trauma Mia went through. Once she was warm, they were able to reduce the amount of medication she’s been receiving, and she was able to repeatedly open her eyes when spoken to! You have NO idea how good that made us all feel!! Everyone in the room broke out in cheers and applause!  And she continued to open them throughout the day.
But, anyway, she opened her eyes!! and it reminded me of the story her friend Sommer told about when she and Mia were in preschool together, and they came back together after spending the summer apart: “Remember me, Sommer?? Do you remember me?? Please, look into my eyes!! Remember my eyes??!”……. How could you ever forget those eyes?
Thank you so much, to her 6th grade fellow classmates, for the most incredible “Get Well/ My Favorite Mia Momment” 16 freaking foot banner?!!!  The staff at the CICU honestly has never seen such a thing! Neither have I.  We didn’t think there was space to hang it in Mia’s room *(it’s already covered with posters, pictures, letters, cards, notes, etc) but when Heidi and I returned from a short break, the nurses named Mindy and Nate were able hang it on the wall behind all the various machines, and it is covered with stories and memories of the children’s memories of Mia and the times they’ve shared.  It is truly amazing. I can’t wait for Mia to actually have the time to read it by herself! Right now, we still have to read everything to her. But when she see’s it, and all the other cards, letters, notes, and momento’s, I know Mia will be overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude.
Well, in closing, as I said before, we all want Mia to jump up out of that hospital bed and be back to “normal”!!…… but it’s not going to happen that way.  It will take a long time. And another day of ‘stable’ is infinitely better than a Bad day!!
Seeing her eyes again, feeling and watching her legs move, and receiving the powerful blessings and energy work from so many dear people in our lives, helped to make this a “Good Day”!
Positive Baby Steps! People!! “Copy That! Clear!!” 😉
ps. Speaking of Positive Baby Steps?! Yesterday I was able to see Hank Shipman WALKING!! in the hospital!  We are so happy for Hank and his Mother and Father and Family! It is my dream and my prayer and my intention that Mia will follow in the footsteps of her fellow Rowland Hall coed, and walk out of here someday a happy, healthy, and whole young woman with still the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen!!
Peace be with all of you.
In Humble Gratitude of all your Love and Support,
Tom and Heidi of themBricks



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