This is Her Story of Peace, Love, and Strength

SUNDAY, JUNE 5, 2011 10:35 AM, MDT
HOORAY!!!! Mia has a New Heart!!!  Yippeeeeeeee!!! YES!!

“CLEAR!! COPY That!!!”
So, congratulations to everyone for this wonderful gift, this second chance, and for the opportunity to write the next chapter in her book!
The Game is not over, and she will remain upon ECMO for pulmonary support while her lungs continue to heal and so that she can begin to breath again.
The Surgeon told us, “She’s a tough kid. You can tell she’s very strong and determined.”  Mia is a Survivor.  If she ever get’s on the t.v. show, … Game Over. She’d win. 😉 Like our dear friend, Peter Muller (who is a Survivor himself and should know!) said about Mia when she was 3 years old, “She’s a Survivor!”
So, she is now a transplant patient. And with that comes some new parameters.  Due to the immunosuppression, she will not be able to have visitors until it is safe.  I will let everyone know when she can have friends visit…. because I know how badly you all want to share your excitement and your love!! We don’t blame you!
But we need our little Survivor to heal and have the time to get stronger.
Little Mia-B was put up to the plate last night, and she hit it over the wall.  Not sure what inning it is? ‘Cause I don’t play baseball. Perhaps it’s time for the 7th inning Stretch?? Time to SING!!!
Whatever inning it is, it’s ‘Game On!’ and Mia-B LOVES to play and WIN!!!  Yea, Baby!!!  Ha!!!
“Safety is NO Accident, People!”   😉  just kiddin. Go on! Get out there, Live Life to it’s FULLest! and take completely UNreasonable chances!!
Bless you all for your continued love and support. Mia’s going to need it for a while.  Me?…… I could die tomorrow and still be the luckiest and happiest man that ever lived.  ……. however, I wouldn’t mind having a bit more time with all of you and my little Angel.
T of THEMBricks



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