This is Her Story of Peace, Love, and Strength

This IS her Story.

FRIDAY, JUNE 3, 2011 2:06 PM, CDT
Dear Friends and Family, 

I titled the first entry “This is NOT Mia’s story!”……… I now realize, 6 days after bringing her here for a little I.V. and fluids to address her dehydration, that I was wrong.  When they told me we needed to stay overnight, last Saturday, I was confused and couldn’t understand? She just needed an I.V.  And then we could go home! Then I was told she needed a wire in her heart….. to keep it beating.  Again, what? Why?
Well, this IS her Story.
The shock of this…. of all of this, and everything that has happened ……….. I don’t know how to explain how difficult it’s been, or if there are words to describe or express this experience. There aren’t. And Heidi and I both know that you all are hurting and feeling the same degree of confusion, fear, hurt, and longing.   We also know and feel the OVERwhelming amount of support, love, and celebration for life,….. for Mia’s life.
We all agree, even though I am her father, that our Miss Mia is one of the kindest, loving, compassionate, yet fiercely courageous and determined people we know. She applies herself fully to anything she takes on.  Whether it is Soo Bahk Do, Soccer, Trombone, School studies, or just having fun with her friends, she gives 110% effort, she has a determination and displays a mental strength that many will never come close to possessing.  She humbles me on so many levels.
She doesn’t have an enemy in the world. And she is a friend to all.  She glows with happiness when another feels good. And she feels the pain and sadness of those around her. Her capacity for empathy and compassion is profound. This is one reason people love to be her friend.  She is a good friend.  She is a perfect sister, and her brother Eli is the luckiest little brother in the world. They hold hands in the car, and they are each other’s Best Friends. She is the Perfect daughter.  And even before this happened, I have often told people that I believed that Mia is an Angel, in the truest sense of the word. That she was born that way. And that she is a much better person than me, or most people I know. That her Spirit or Soul is ………? Different. Special.  If this sounds weird, so be it. Doesn’t make it not true.
Well, so despite all of this, This IS her story.  Yes. It is.
MiaBella Brickey, at the age of 11, got sick. For whatever reason, it attacked her heart.  And even though she has the Heart of a Lion, we find ourselves in the most unbelievable and inconceivable of situations. Our beautiful daughter is fighting for her life.  She is holding on by a thread. And we need a miracle.  We need the miracle of Life. We need a heart.
Mia needs a new heart. And she needs this gift soon.
She has had complications from everything that has happened, and I can’t begin to explain how absolutely amazing the staff at Primary Children’s Hospital have been.  It’s often said, but never enough. They have done an incredible job of caring for my daughter.  The love and compassion that they have shared and given to my Mia and our family has had a profound effect upon my own heart and mind. Without them and their compassionate and professional care, I don’t think I would be of sound mind today.
Mia is truly fighting for her life. And all of you, especially her friends, have helped give her strength and done so much to help her know how much she is loved.  There is no way for Heidi or I to express our gratitude for the support and love you all have been giving. Thank you so much. We can only hope to be of service to all of you in return.
So, in closing, if I may humbly ask for your help it would be to ask you to pray or send your thoughts and energy to Mia, helping her to call upon her courage and strength to endure the tough road ahead.
Life is precious. We choose to accept this challenge, and we know that Mia (and we all) can, with enough courage and strength and faith, meet this with gratitude and peaceful confidence.
We love you all.
Tom and Heidi and Eli……. and Mia.  🙂



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