This is Her Story of Peace, Love, and Strength


Just sitting here, holding Mia’s hand.
On my way to work very soon…… hard to leave.

Mia…… so very tired. But wants to watch “Glee”! After all, she’s still an 11 year old girl! So, with Mom squeezed up onto the side of the bed (don’t tell the nurses!), the drama begins!

Another day!…. one day closer to bustin’ outta here!! Love these nurses and docs, but sorry! This little Love Muffin/Spunky Monkey’s got some LIVIN’ to do!

tbrick of thembricks


Comments on: "Glee!" (5)

  1. Im so glad that PBS made a program on this topic. If there were more documentaries on financial issues like this, Americans might not be so sadly undereducated in financial matters.

  2. Catherine Rogers said:

    Tomorrow a few of us are getting together to celebrate Mia. You better lock the door to the CICU – we might come kidnap her!!!!!!


  3. Robbie & Elliott said:

    A 🙂 day!!! keep ’em coming…(even though I can’t stand Glee but I think I’m the only one in the world). love and sunny days to all.

  4. auntie ab said:

    I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!! CANNOT WAIT!!!!! to climb in bed next to Mia and the girls and watch Glee marathons. It’s the Brickey-Phillips Girls FAVORITE! Mia, get some of that Sue Sylvester ‘tude going! Or Mercedes! Well, actually, all those Glee Kids Never Ever give up! Just like you sweet Mia Bella. You are so brave. Loving you so very much every day. All day. Aaron, Rosie, Jonah, and Lily. Big Glee kisses! NO SLUSHIES!!
    (Rosie says, she is going to send Finn up to give you a kiss on the cheek! She said you would like that???)

  5. oh yeah…keep it moving forward….glee is a good sign, work is a good sign….xoxo

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