This is Her Story of Peace, Love, and Strength

ok..ok..ok.. I will admit that blogging and journaling are not my thing, but you have to start somewhere when you want to express your gratitude!
I know Tom has continued to acknowledge and thank all of you for your support, love and energy for our little Miss MiaBella this past month and I would like to do the same. The days are busy here in the CICU and with all of your support either Tom or I have been able to be here at all times (even the wee hours of the night, well Tom at least) at her bedside. That alone is so important for Mia. So thank you to all of our friends and family members that have helped take care of the little man Mister E.
I would really like to give a huge Thank You to Miss Heather at Eggs In the City for helping my sister Holly, my uncle Mitch and our friend Amy to host an incredible gathering on Saturday night for MiaBella. It was a great party and one that I know Mia would have loved to attend herself. The food was AMAZING, thank you Jim and Paula, just about the best pasta I have ever eaten …… Thanks to the other folks who brought a few yummy dishes to share as well. The drinks were served “fresh and cold” thanks to Erin and Ryan. The tables were evenly spaced and the snow cone trailor had many flavors to choose from, thank you Dirty! And…. it all ran super smoothly thanks to Heather and Patty. The poems that were written and read by all of those beautiful little voices brought a tear to many eyes, thank you to all of her friends and cousins for sharing your hearts.

Finally….. a big special THANK YOU with a kiss attached to all of you that gave to the “MiaBella Heart Fund”….. these words are not even enough to express my gratitude.

Peace and Love


PS…. Mia had a good day today. She spent close to 50 min in the PT chair catching and kicking a ball. Watch out Firebirds….. she’s back!!!


Comments on: "Merci…Gracias…Danke…Thank You" (8)

  1. I got what you mean , saved to fav, very nice site.

  2. Jenn Gibbons said:

    Dear Hiedi,

    Thank you so much for sharing. I know Tom writes for the both of you and moves us with his words. We are all very thankful for the connection to your family.

    I just want to let you know how much I think of you everyday, Mia’s Mom. 12 years ago today you gave birth to this beautiful angel and there is no closer connection than that. What an incredible mother you are! From day one, every detail, you have raised such a good girl! I am so sorry for every minute of this nightmare you and your family have endured and so happy and confident in Mia’s full recovery.

    With Love and sincere appreciation,

    Jenn Gibbons

  3. Catherine Rogers said:

    Have a great day Mia, Heidi, Tom, and Eli!

    I am praying for you all.



  5. Katy Reineke said:

    Yeah Mia.. Firebirds misses you, we want you back! Get better soon and keep your head up!


  6. bonnie martineau said:

    YAY! Go Mia!!! Go Heidi (for writing something! woohoo!!!)


  7. Corinne Anderson said:

    Love to you Heidi!
    Please tell Mia that we are so happy that she’s up in the PT chair and actually wanting to watch Glee! Love and light to MiaBella…keep on being feisty girl!
    You are truly an inspiration! I feel we are lucky to be able to help in any small way. Love and light to you, Dr. B & Eli too!

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