This is Her Story of Peace, Love, and Strength

One month after Mia was brought to the hospital, she surprised us all by indicating that she wanted to try and write something. This is incredible in itself, because only two days earlier I had placed a marker in her hand and asked her to write her name on a dry erase board, and she couldn’t do it.
Mia has developed her own simple gestures to convey her feelings. She moves her right hand, mostly, and rotates it, waves it, and points. She blows kisses, and says yes, no, and ‘Thank You’ in sign language style. But she has, until the 28th, been unable to make anything other than a circle and scribbly lines.
We had no way of knowing whether or not this was the result of an A.B.I. (Anoxic Brain Injury) sustained at some point over the past month, which was extremely likely. We had been warned that if a person goes through 48 minutes of c.p.r., a heart transplant, and with all the clot issues, the possibility of stroke or a.b.i. were very real. Now, MiaBella being the “Miracle Mia” that she is (and we’ve talked about the number of miracles that have occured throughout this whole experience), her blood gas’ or the amount of oxygen that was in her blood throughout the cpr was said to be ‘excellent’, thanks to the incredible staff in the C.I.C.U. and the fact that she was intubated and bagged throughout. Regardless, I have been extremely concerned, if not prepared for the idea that Mia would have some severe deficits (including the inability to write) once things calmed down.
Well, SURPRISE!!! I was at work when Heidi took a picture on her phone and sent it to me……..
Here is one of the first things she wrote:

"How many more days(s) here?"

It was one of the many Incredible moments in this journey and I will never forget it! Over the past two days, we can barely shut her up! 😉
She’s asking all kinds of things!
She knows that she has had a heart transplant. She knows that her lungs are sick, and she remembers most everything we ask her. Her personality comes out. But she’s very tired a lot of the time. When she is ‘awake’ and alert, it lasts for about 15 minutes. She tires quickly.

Her days are full. They start at 4:30 a.m. with her morning chest x-ray. Throughout the day she is moved from side to side and takes turns on her back. This happens every 2 hours, or so? She needs frequent suction (from her lungs/endotracheal tube) as well as her mouth. She has over 8 tubes and/or lines going into her body….. down from over 12 last week! It looks like a freakin’ fisherman’s NIGHTmare in there! Especially when we move her to the P.T. chair!
We’re down to one chest tube, an endotracheal tube, a pic-line, and a couple of i.v.’s.

Now, with regard to this kid’s birthday tomorrow, I asked her what she wanted for a gift, and she wrote that we had been ‘discussing’ negotiating over a new laptop computer for school. Prior to this adventure, I had asked her to write an influential argument as to WHY she deserved a computer? Why she needed one? and what she would do to ‘earn’ and keep it? Rules of use, etc. I was just trying to be a good Dad. No a.b.i. here!! she totally remembered!
So,….. I told her I was going to get her a laptop for her birthday, and I needed to know what color she wanted. Light blue. 🙂 All I wanted was an Eskimo Kiss. Eskimo Kisses
Mia's words


Comments on: "Surprise! Mia writes….." (14)

  1. Incredible ! You look truly, amazingly well and beautiful. Happy Birthday- I am a couple of days late on this. Mia- I know you are anxious to get on with your life- you will have that chance. In the meanitme, know that many people are behind you, along side of you and will always be pulling for you. And great job negotiating that baby blue laptop from your old man ! Awesome !

    Happy Birthday darling girl !

  2. Terry Carpenter said:

    You are Brilliant !!! I have happy tears right now 🙂 The picture of you is absolutely beautiful xox. Your power within is doing its job of healing you. The rest of us (all your outside world) are sending you strength, love, and many hugs. Love you, Terry

    You Wow Me 🙂

  3. Such amazing news!!!! Wow you go girl!!! You are an amazing fighter 🙂

    Hugs from your little transplant buddy Mason (& Mommy)

  4. Stephanie said:

    Happy Birthday Mia! You look beautiful with your hair up. We are so inspired by your bravery and patience on your journey back to good health. Keep up all of your hard work. You are doing a great job! Have fun with your new laptop! We look forward to seeing more good news as you get stronger and stronger ~ our family is sending love to you and your family… Katie, Mia, Clay and Stephanie

  5. Casey Clark said:

    Miss Mia Bella,
    You have earned and deserve the ” happiest birthday”, which we all share. Your smile, writing and progress is illuminating. Mia, you lead a global family of fans, who has earned our respect, and love forever. Your journey inspires all.
    For those who have made this possible,kudos…….
    Dream big, Mia………you make all things possible…………….:
    Dolphin pic on the way to your family.

  6. JJ Johnson said:

    Happy Birthday wishes to you from your friends in Bellevue, Washington. (you don’t know us, but your Mom and Dad are the best people in the world). We hope you have a wonderful day! And, all of us here are cheering you on to a complete recovery and hope to see many more written messages from you. Your message was written like a true kid and showed that you still have your great sense of humor that your dad has so often shared with us in his posts. It reminded me of the movie, ‘Are we there yet?’ where these kids are on this trip with their new step-dad and they keep asking if they are there yet (along the way they have all kinds of exasperating experiences that make them just want to be back with their Mom). Well, you are
    on a trip too and I am guessing from your written word that you can’t wait to get on with it and get back to your life with your family and friends. Don’t worry, that day is not as far off as you think.

    You have become an inspiration to all of us as you have shown through your spirit and determination coupled with all the loving energy sent your way and medical expertise bestowed upon you that unseemingly impossible obstacles can be overcome. And from what I have read and heard you are not one to let obstacles get in your way.

    Hope you have the best birthday ever and get to be on that new laptop soon.

    Hugs from JJ and the gang in Bellevue!

  7. Kristin McQuivey said:

    Oh I’m so very happy to read today’s post! Hooray for Miracle Mia!!!! You gave everyone the best birthday present ever!

    A huge Happy Birthday to you, beautiful girl. A blue computer has never been more well-deserved.

    Much love,
    The McQuivey’s

  8. David Brickey said:

    Thanks for the message Mia… Xander, I-I & Ash send all their Love! Keep getting better! We can hardly wait for your next message! Now get some rest, We love & miss you. David & Stacie

  9. Totally brilliant and just in time for your birthday. Happy birthday Mia. You are so…… no wait…….sooooo amazing. hang in there. We are all behind you. Enjoy your new, blue lap top.
    Ali xx

  10. Corinne Anderson said:

    Sweetheart Mia!!! Tears of joy are flowing down my cheeks! It is so good to see pictures of you….pictures of your writing to communicate with your family and all of the many people who love you! I think you are a miracle girl in so many people’s lives, you have certainly changed mine. Yes! Yes! Yes! to you Mia! Enjoy that new blue computer with all your might:)
    Love to all THEMbricks!
    Miracles will keep on happening…just know it!

  11. Robbie & Elliott said:

    AAAhhhhh! the lovely Miss Mia is ALL THERE! shivers…I can see it in your eyes as your soul grows older and more wise beyond your (12) years!! You inspire us to cherish every day and celebrate the events we all take for granted. you go girl!
    love to all THEMbricks

  12. THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!!!! HELLO MIA!!! I have tears in my eyes and shivers everywhere and have been waiting to hear this wonderful news. okay, now i’m crying. I feel like I’ve been holding my breath for you guys and I am so happy that she is writing and remember things and doing all the stuff to get better. If I were home and not in my office where I’d get weird looks, I’d be blubbering like crazy at the same time I was jumping up and down and laughing…


    WAY. TO. GO. THEMBricks!!!!!!!!


  13. Whitney said:

    Sweet Mia. I think of you and only one word comes to mind. WOW! Wow… You are so beautiful. Wow, you are the toughest fighter in an almost 12 year old body I have ever known. I bet it felt great to write and to be heard after all this time. Keep up the hard work. It is the hardest kind of work there is, but you do it with beauty and a power packed WOW!

    I love you, sweetie.

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