This is Her Story of Peace, Love, and Strength

Too tired to do much, or to think straight………. but just got home from putting Mia down/to sleep.  She’s in her New Room, in the NTU, right across from Kendra Muller! and in a much smaller room!!

Mia was tired…… but almost lost her mind when she was told that she is going to get a “Pass” to go out of the Hospital for a couple of hours this upcoming weekend!!!  She will likely come home, see Paco, and see her Real Home…….. for the first time since May 28th.

I am sooooo tired! Falling asleep typing! but I wanted to let everyone know that Mia is working HARD! and doing LOTS of Therapy, from Speech, to Occupational, to Physical, to etc, etc….. and trying to get out of there!   She is still (of course…….. get used to it) severely immunosuppressed, and working Hard! …….. so visits are tough.  They must be SHORT! and infrequent……… for now.  So sorry! please understand.  We/she love you all…………. we just want Mia to have the opportunity to love you all for a LONG time, so call and check before coming to visit. It may not be a good time?  Then again? maybe it will??

Lastly, Today was Eli’s Birthday!!!! Elijah Thomas turned 9 years old today!! We had a great family party here at the house at dinner time, and Eli had 2 friends over, including his cousins and Grandparents.

Mr. E, at Golf Camp, with Uncle's Mitch and Mike!! LOVES it!!!

Much love to you all…….. and to our beautiful children.



Comments on: "Mia leaves the 3rd floor on Eli's Birthday!….. Joins Kendra in the NTU!!" (6)

  1. Joe Profaizer said:

    Hi Mia:

    I’m so happy that you are getting better. Just keep up the good work and give your mom and dad big hugs for being there for you. You have two of the best parents in the world. Can’t wait for you to go home! PS don’t forget to hug Eli as well…….Love Ya Grandpa Joe

  2. AnnMarie said:

    Happy birthday, Eli!! You are one awesome dude…coolest 9 year old around! May all your wishes come true!
    And happy “pass” time this weekend to you all! Have a wonderful weekend! Lots of love from the Hannons xo!

  3. Yeah!! This is exciting news! Huge progress by one amazingly special young lady 🙂 Continuing to pra for beautiful Mia and your family !!!!

    Mason’s Mommy

  4. Corinne Anderson said:

    Wow Mia!!!! Look at what you’ve accomplished with all your hard work….you are truly amazing! It’s been so fun seeing pictures of you with your friends and family…can’t wait until you’re out of there and we can all have a big party in your honor to celebrate YOU!
    Please tell Eli a big Happy Birthday for us…9 yrs. old, how can that be?
    And to Tom and Heidi…please take care of yourselves, take care of each other. Please know that you have a huge circle of friends that will do anything to ease your load. Just call!
    Love to all thembricks!!!

  5. Janice & Bob Brickey said:

    – And what a GREAT birthday party it was! Mr. Eli was having So much fun! The only thing missing was Mia – but she was there in spirit! Also, I agree with Bonnie; you, Tom, and Heidi need to get some sleep and take care of yourselves. You’ve been amazing, but it’s true that you can’t run on adrenaline forever. How blessed you are to have friends who love you and give good advice!
    We count the days when Mia can come home for good! We can hardly wait – but then, neither can anyone else!
    We love thembricks! Mom & Dad

  6. looking at that last picture of you and Mia…what a difference from the earlier pictures of you and Mia with all sorts of tubes everywhere and her face showing fogginess and sleepiness. look how far she has come…really, its amazing.

    tom, you and heidi are going to need to take damn good care of yourselves, because you can’t live on adrenaline forever. no, you can’t.

    mia’s eyes look so alert! so glad she gets to go home for a couple of hours. any kind of “normal” must be so healing. xoxoxo love you.

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