This is Her Story of Peace, Love, and Strength

Ok, if the size of a baby’s cheeks could win an Olympic medal, then Katie and Billy Demong’s son, Liam, would definitely take Gold!! Just like his Dad!!  Billy Demong is the FIRST U.S. athlete to win Olympic Gold in Nordic skiing!  He won it in Vancouver at the 2010 Olympics. He brought along his Silver medal as well.  Why not? 😉

We met the Demong’s in the I.C.U. back in May.  I kept seeing this pretty, young lady walking through the ICU waiting room, often with the typical “ICU Gaze”…….. one filled with tears and a look of complete sadness.  Then, one day, I saw her walk through with a smile! and I don’t remember who initiated the first conversation?…… it might have happened up on the third floor, by the now extinct coffee cart?….. but we met and shared each other’s stories.  Katie and Billy have this BEAUTIFUL young boy, or Chunk! named Liam.  Somehow, he contracted Botulism, which is found in Utah soil.  Again, with luck, parental and motherly instinct, and the Grace of God, Liam was brought to the PCMC in time to be saved.  Liam and poor Pappa and Mom suffered through a long ICU stay, but he made it! And, we hope, he and proud Momma and Pappa continue to heal and grow strong!  And, like I said, if cuteness and the ‘munchability’ of those super-sized cheeks could win an Olympic Medal, I’d say Mr. Liam is a Sure-Thing for a Gold! Just like his proud Dad!

So, one day, Katie just happened to be hauling around a couple of Olympic medals. No big deal! Just a GOLD medal,…. and a SILVER!…. OLYMPIC MEDAL!……. and, frankly…. I almost pooped my pants when I held them.  THEY’RE HEAVY! man!   And I asked Katie if she wouldn’t mind bringing them and her chubby baby back to show Mia someday….. oh, and she could bring the dude that won the medals, too……. if she really wanted.  😉     So, she said, “Sure”!  Well, Katie must be part elephant……… wait. That didn’t sound right? 😉 What I meant to say was, Katie didn’t forget! Just like Horton, and over a month later she tracked us down in the NTU and came to visit Mia!   And above is the proof!  (Note Mr. E, in the back…… totally engrossed in his ipod that he got for his 9th Birthday on the 2nd of Aug!  Olympic medals?…… hah! I’ve got ANgry Birds to play!!)

So, I wanted to tell everyone a couple of things with this post…….  One: That Olympic athletes are not always egotistical, self-centered, narcicists. They are also often like Billy Demong, and his beautiful wife and super duper cute chunky baby boy Liam!!  Great people who understand what’s important in life.  People.  And Love. And sharing both.  (Just a side note: when I told Billy how cool I thought it was that he won the Gold medal, all he said was, “Yea. It’s pretty cool. In some ways it at least is proof that I didn’t waste the last 16 years of my life! Ha!…… but really, it just means that on that day, I had a really good day. But most of the time, they just hang out in my sock drawer.”  🙂 !  Sorry, Billy. You’ll have to find a new hiding place, now.  And Billy and Katie are such down to earth people.  At least, from what I can tell. So, I wanted to give Billy and Katie a ‘shout out’, or whatever it is cool people do? Because they took the time to show my daughter some love, and put up with me at the same time.  They get free floss for life. Period.)

and Two: Mia is doing so well!!  She was given a Ride Pass ( I call it a Hall Pass) yesterday…….. that’s another cool story! And…..(drum roll, please)….. MIA IS COMING HOME!!!!  She is scheduled to be discharged on next Thursday!!!!!!! FREAKIN, YEA!!~     un-freakin-believable. 🙂  yep.   you heard me.  coming home.  After 11 weeks, she should be home on the 11th, just short of 12 weeks in the hospital!    Oh, man…… weird. But, possibly True.   Mia can barely control the hand-quiver when she thinks about leaving.

Funny story: the other day, her cousins (The ‘Girls’, the Layden girls and their mom and dad, Marsha and Scott) from New York came into town for Hadley’s wedding, and they brought Mia lunch from Hire’s.  Mia was SO looking forward to the Hire’s cheeseburger! We were sitting in the Angel Garden ready to eat when we received a call that we had to hustle back into the hospital to meet with some doctors and pharmacists.  We abruptly left the culinary fast-food-delights and wheeled our way back in, only to find out that the doctors and everyone were NOT there….. and we began waiting.  Mia, sitting in her wheel chair, said in a resigned voice just loud enough to hear, said, “That’s it. I Officially Hate this place.”  !   We died laughing!  Her burger was getting cold, her cousin’s were outside in the garden, and Mia was waiting for doctors.    We left, and went back outside to join the Layden’s and her dead cow delight….. with cheese. The doctors could wait.  😉

Notice, NO 'N.G.' TUBE!!! "Yep! I'm coming Home!" Puffy cheeks and all! (My mean parents are calling me 'Puffer', after the puffer fish in Finding Nemo. NOT COOL! 😉 ps. Prednisone side-effects SUCK! Be glad YOU don't have 'Prednisone Double Chins'! At least it's only temporary!..... at least, it Better be!


ox.  more soon!

t of thembricks.

ps…… as an ‘afterward’…..  as we were tucking in for bed later that night I said to Mia, “So? What did you think? Do you want to win yourself an Olympic medal??”, to which she replied, after some sincere consideration and in her sweet breath-halting voice, “Well,…. I don’t see….. why I’d ….. need one?   All they do is …. sit in your Sock drawer.”  😉  Once again…… perspective.  Out of the mouths of babes……. sleep well, everyone.    Mia is coming home ……. soon!!!



Comments on: "Mia gets an Olympic Sized visit!!…..Cheeks and Medals!" (19)

  1. Mike Guynn said:

    hey, this is michael, sorry to bother you, im just glad your ok, its a maricle. I know you probably think im a loser, im sorry. Im praying that you get well like everyone else, please think of me as a friend. From mike. :>)

  2. Jacki Arevalo said:

    HOME…what a beautiful word.

    Mia-You and your family have touched us in so many ways (truly laughing out loud thinking about your Dad’s hands in all of our mouths).

    Never forget what an amazing person you are!

    You are teaching us all a bit more about what it means to be.
    Jacki, Louis, Fynn, & Josie

  3. Erik Christiansen said:

    That will be an incredible moment for your family. Miracles do happen. Congratulations!!

  4. This is the best news!!!!! We are so excited, happy, relieved, over-joyed, stoked, ect. about this happy news. You get to go home!! Adios PCMC! Mia, you are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sarah Brickey Young & family said:

    I have loved keeping up with your progress Mia, and am so happy for you and your wonderful family!! We (not just my family, but my sister Mary’s family, and im sure my dear parents, Wayne and Joanne Brickey, other siblings and even families in my neighborhood/church) have prayed for your family and are continuing to look forward to your full recovery! You are an inspiration and your huge struggles and determination to overcome have been a real light to me and reaffirm the need to have faith in God and know that He is with us even in our darkest hours!!

    I will continue to pray for you, sweet Mia! And for your incredibly loving and supportive family, Tom, Heidi and Eli! Best wishes as you finish your recovery at HOME!!! Yay!!

  6. loving the chubby cheeks theme and connection! mia, you’ve already got a gold medal in many eyes, and no sock drawer that! enjoy your last days at il hospitale ha ha ha! we loved seeing billy get those medals in vancouver! another example of miracles happening. or maybe, as he said, a really good day. after a lot of hard work! you’ve got plenty of exceptionally good days ahead, miabella!

    much love from diane, brian, aryana, and emilio

  7. David Brickey said:

    Best news today! Keep going Mia. We are so impressed by your strength & courage. You go girl! We Love You.
    Uncle D, Aunt S, Xander, Eye-Eye, & Ash

  8. Jenni Maheras said:

    So happy to hear the great news. It’s been a long road!!

  9. YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. YIPPEEEE!! I am so EXCITED for ubricks!!! I love the smile on her face and the excitement to go home!! Congrats and always well wishes and smiles here from AZ!!

    Angie (Leonard) Sonne

  11. Bridget Clayton said:

    Incredible! Every step more amazing than the last – I am so happy for all of you.

    By the way – the prednisone side effects do go away -(ask Skadi)!

  12. Heidi Huntsman said:

    I’m so thrilled to hear Mia is going HOME!!!! You must all be ecstatic! Thank you for keeping us posted on Mia’s progress. I’ve had you all in my thoughts and will continue to do so until she’s back on the soccer field.

  13. Karen, Bill, Karsten and Annika said:

    What fantastic news that Mia is coming home soon!!!!! She looks so wonderful, bright and sunny. Must be great to get rid of that NG tube. And I have to say, that she is not the only one with irresistibly cute cheeks!!!

    We cannot agree enough with your impressions of Bill(y). I don’t think we’ve met Katie and Liam, who are most certainly as wonderful as he is, but just for the record, Bill has been every bit as inspirational to our kids, too. I think all of the cross-country kids and their families feel the same way. He is one of a kind. So glad Mia got to meet him, too. And he got to meet HER!

    We can’t wait for those homecoming photos. And don’t hesitate to let us know if you need a hand once she gets home. We are pros!

    Big hugs to you all from the Heichman/Hokansons

  14. With every journal entry, I am constantly more inspired by your incredible strength and willpower! The news from today’s entry has pushed my excitement/happiness level to 110% for the entire week, Mia!! I can only imagine the emotion this giant leap will bring you; Congrats!!

  15. Nikola Touchette said:

    Hi Mia and the Brickey family. I am just so, so happy for you all! That is really great news, that you are going home on Thusday! Only 4 more days! Good job! I will sleep with the biggest smile on my face and I am sure your mom and dad and E will too…


    Nikola and family 🙂

  16. Hooray Mia! I’m so happy for you & your family!
    You are an AMAZING young woman.

    Love you all so much 🙂

    Erica, Sierra, Ethan, & Anavey

  17. YEAH MIA! You go girl!!!!

  18. Corinne Anderson said:

    Doing a Happy Dance!!!!!! Mia, you are already an Olympian…of light, love, strength, perspective, etc., etc.
    One definition of an Olympian is: “A person of great attainment or exalted position.” You my dear are all of this and more! We are so happy for you…can’t wait to hear that you are home with your Mom, Dad, Eli, Paco and all your family and friends. Loads of positive vibes coming your way, I will envision your trip home this Thursday! Love to you!

  19. WOW!!! I’m crying tears of shear amazement and excitement!

    Yah Mia! You rock!

    XO, Heidi

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