This is Her Story of Peace, Love, and Strength

Once a week at first….. then, once every two weeks. And now, after today, it will only be once a month.  That’s the day that Mia returns to the Primary Children’s Medical Center for her Cath Lab Biopsy.

It shouldn’t be a ‘Big Deal’…… but it is.  Not only for Mia, but also for me.  And of course her incredible Mother, who is now her full-time, 24 hour-a-day Nurse.  For Mia, it is the last place she remembers seeing her Mom and Dad on the night of May 28th.  We wheeled her down in the bed, telling her she just needed a little I.V., and that they were going to put her to ‘sleep’ for just a little while and carefully place a little wire into her heart………. to make sure it kept beating the way it should.   Yea.  Right.  She ‘woke up’ over a month and a half later, with the tube still in her throat, unable to talk, to drink, or even move.  And when she finally did have the tube removed, she couldn’t drink water or put liquid or food into her mouth safely for another 3 weeks! And, as an extra bonus, she was told she had undergone a surgery that would forever change her life…….. That her heart had stopped. That she had had her heart removed from her body, and was now living with another person’s heart inside her chest….. and never mind those tubes sticking out of your chest and sides.

So, yes….. the Cath Lab is not her favorite place. The people are nice enough. But, talk about post traumatic stress??  For me, it’s waiting for the call from the transplant team….. which comes about 4:30 pm the same day of the biopsy.  After they sedate and intubate Mia, they make a small incision in her already scarred neck, and run a catheter down her vessel into her heart. They retrieve a tissue sample from her right ventricle of her heart……. or several pieces.  They measure the pressures in her heart, and approximate the pressures in the chambers they can’t truly access….. the left side. Then the biopsy tissue is sent to the pathologist, Dylan Miller, who prepares and reads the slides and calls the hospital back with the news.  Todays news: NO REJECTION!!!! of ANY kind.  NO GIANT CELLS!!! …………………… deeeeeeep exhale. Slowly spreading smile.  Little giggle…….. knowing glance between me and Miss Mia, as she listens to the report over the speaker phone.   Today, we love the transplant team.  And I wonder about what it would be like to be one of the people who calls us, the patients, and has to deliver the news when it’s not so good?  And I have already prepared myself for that day……. at least, I tell myself I have.  And I know I haven’t.

Another deep breath, head bowed, and I say ‘Thanks’.

A New Heart and 2 1/2 months in the I.C.U.: 1.2 Million. Waking up in your own bed………. priceless!


THEMBricks on St. John, March 2011. A rare entire THEMBricks photo.


ps.  Mia finally has ALL the sutures out from her surgeries! Last night I took out the last chest tube suture, and Mia insisted on letting Dr. (“He has Angels feathers on his fingers, Daddy!”) Kaza take out the remaining chest incision sutures……. She didn’t trust me with those.  Kids? what are you gonna do with ’em? After all, I forget, I’m NOT a REAL Doctor, anyway.  😉  Gotta love ’em.

So that means that Mia can now take showers! Much to Heidi’s delight!

In other “Mia News”, Bob McCarthy and Marsha Merrill, the beautiful people at The Garage, a road-house style bar on Beck Street in N.Salt Lake, and Miss Angela Brown of SLUG Magazine held a silent Art Auction and fundraiser evening last weekend. It was a blast and a great success. The many artists who donated works of art, including my own cousin Joseph Brickey (incredible artist and painter of many LDS Temple’s Murals and other religious oriented art) and gave of themselves to benefit our Mia.  She continues to be one blessed and lucky young lady.

Heidi, Angela, and Marsh at The Garage



Mia has also begun Strength Training in earnest, three times a week, with our dear friend Paul Holbrook. He’s not in very good shape, and he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about, but the price it ‘right’.  😉  So, we’re working hard and looking forward!


Paul Holbrook helps Mia get back her Black Belt Soo Bahk Do strength!


Oh, and another piece of great news,……our new and good friend, Miss Kendra Muller, is getting OUT of the N.T.U. and PCMC on Monday!!!!  Yippeeee!!  After 3 months and 2 days, (Kendra came to the I.C.U. one day before Mia) Miss Kendra will be leaving the PCMC and rejoining her family at HOME.  🙂  Having been on the other end, I know her family and parents are happy, and worried all at the same time.  But, thanks to a very kind and generous offer from a friend and patient who has a brand new electric wheelchair that they didn’t use, we are going to deliver this SURPRISE gift to Kendra and her family when she gets home!!  She has a loaner from the hospital,…… but this will be her very own.  And I hope she’s not reading this before Monday??………… if so, Kendra, pretend you never knew. 😉 and you’re Welcome! you deserve it, and so much more. We love you!

Mia and Kendra’s Dad, Black Beard (aka Jamison) Muller on the day Mia was ‘released’, or discharched. 😉





Comments on: "Another 'Clear' Biopsy! (Deep exhale…….!)" (8)

  1. Savina and Raphael said:

    i am still checking the web-site to see Mia’s progress, and i’m thrilled. You are all a remarkable bunch of people. I only wish i would hear from you…
    Very heart felt wishes for the rest of the recovery to be as rewarding as it has been till now.
    From Raphael, Odysseas, and Savina

  2. love this news, and the photo of you all on st. john — super babes, all of you! keep on keepin’ on, mia, and tom, heidi, and eli! hope to see you soon–many toothums in this family need some attention 🙂

  3. Mindy Devaney said:

    would love to help out if needed! I prefer night shifts and Jack MOrman Coffee. Really if you need a date night or anything else please hollar. Glad anoather biopsy is clear!

  4. Freeman Family said:

    So happy for you all!

  5. kami kahler said:

    We are so happy for the great news!! Keep it up Mia you are so strong! We are so proud of you!
    Love you all Lots!!!
    Kami and Family

  6. Soooooooo glad!!!! Holy crapoli! 1.2 mill? Hope that’s total and not deductible. Can’t put a price on life though…priceless is right.

  7. David Brickey said:

    Great news Mia! I am so glad to hear the news of your biopsy. Your Dad was working on my teeth Thursday and was very concerned about the trip to the Hosp. the next day. I also loved all the new photo’s. Keep us updated with your progress! If you want to get out of the heat of SLC, come stay in Park City… we’ve got room for you anytime!

    Love, Uncle D, Aunt S, Xander, Eye-Eye & Ash

    p.s. Ask Mr. Holbrook how to make a “catapult.” He is a very good catapult launcher!

  8. Karen, Bill, Karsten and Annika said:


    So heartened to hear all of the great news! Can relate to the Cath Lab experience COMPLETELY – there is probably nothing to describe that one……

    Please let us know if we can come and spell you guys (or just Heidi) from the 24/7. I’m sure we’re not too rusty.

    Karen and Bill

    P.S. Hint: We hired a favorite student nurse a few days a week for a few hours to come to the house while Bill got out to run errands, get in a workout, just be on his own. I’ll bet there are some of those nurses who would love to see her and make a little coffee $$$.

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