This is Her Story of Peace, Love, and Strength

“Arts for Heart”, A Benefit for MiaBella Brickey

Silent ARt Auction at The Garage, a local road-house styled bar and music venue, located at 1199 North Beck Street, S.L.C., UT.,  Saturday August 20th, 2011, from 5-9 p.m.  21+yrs only.  Sorry, kids must stay home for this one. ;-(  But it’s time for the adults to have fun!!

Marsha Merrill, sweetheart (don’t tell her I said that!) and all around good lady, along with Bob McCarthy, partner and fellow entrepeneur and owners of Club Jam, Stone Ground Pizza,  and now The Garage, have joined forces with Miss Angela Brown, Publisher and ‘Queen Bee’ of SLUG Magazine, one of Salt Lake’s oldest independant magazines supporting the local music, culture, and action sports scene, and founder of Craft Lake City (which was held last weekend at the Gallivan Center), to throw a party and benefit for MiaBella.

Marsha contacted me some time ago about doing this, and I expressed to her the fact that I am so grateful for everyone’s support and concern, but I also know that there are so many other children in this world that need our collective love and support? and Marsha  said, “I want to do something to help your Angel. Your ‘World’.  Next year, I’ll do something else. But, right now, I want to help ‘your World’…….. and Mia is your ‘World’.”   So, of course, after I wiped my nose and stopped crying, I said, “Thank you.” And, “Yes”.

Combine this effort with her dear friend, Angela Brown and the folks from Craft Lake City, who just collected $348.00 at last week’s event, and you can see what an amazing, special community we live in?!  We are SO BLESSED!!! SO LUCKY!!! to know all of you.   I have NO idea how many Karmic Points I have spent in the last 3 months?? but I know I need to spend the rest of my life in the service of other’s just to break even!! 😉

Bottom line, people:  I want everyone to know that I can’t thank you enough. There are SO MANY people who have expressed their concern; who have sent cards, letters, emails; who have given Mia stuffed animals, gifts, and well-wishes.  There are people I don’t even know? Whom I’ve never even met! Who have sent gifts, money, and the all-powerful prayers to support and elevate my precious daughter from the brink…….. the edge.  YOU have saved me from despair so many times. YOU have lifted my spirits and reminded me of how much we are loved and of the Beauty and Power in the Human Spirit.  Heidi, Eli, and I have been given a second chance to walk this life with MiaBella…….. as Paul Cardall says,  “for a little longer”.  I hope it’s a LONG ‘little longer’!!  And I think of you all nearly every day. And I am committed to ‘giving back’. To helping other people, other kids, and we know that Mia is NOT the only kid on this planet that needs help. 

If your support helps you to remember that fact, and if your support of Mia helps you to extend yourself, and helps you to understand that it is through the Giving to others, in the SERVICE of others, and that in the extension of one’s ‘self’, that  we strengthen the very FABric of our Humanity, and our collective spirit- this experience we call Life, then I am happy, and grateful for this, and for you.

With profound Gratitude, we give Thanks for our Blessings.  We give Thanks, for you. See you at The Garage, 1199 N. Beck Street. Saturday, Aug. 20. 5-9 pm.  Come join me for a Celebratory beer!……. or juice! 😉


Comments on: "Arts for Heart, A Benefit for MiaBella Brickey" (2)

  1. We love you guys and hope the Art Auction went well. Wish we could have been there and hope Joseph’s art was well received!

    Mary Brickey Cole

  2. Quincy Jackson said:

    oh coolio!
    and hey, do you think I would pass as a 21 year old so I could get in 😉
    oohh just kidding!!!! I’d pass as a 10 year old though, wouldn’t be the first time 😉

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