This is Her Story of Peace, Love, and Strength

Mia's first post

I’m finally out of the hospital and doing great! Still getting used to all those meds… otherwise happy to be alive and healing. I am so grateful for everybody that has supported me these last two months, and I thank them for being there for me everyday.

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  1. Mia, You are AMAZING! I just want you to know that you are such an inspiration to everyone who hears your story, especially me. I think of your strength and determination and it brings tears to my eyes. I’m glad you are finally home and in your own bed! What a feeling that must be. Oh, and I can’t wait for the day when you can school Mason at soccer again … Don’t tell him I said that though. GO MIA!!!! *HUGS* Paige

  2. Jenn Gibbons said:



    Been patiently waiting for you to write up on here and now 7 days went by!!! DU-OH!
    Miss Gries and Missy and Corrales Sa Bom Nim and his family have all been filing through here filling us up with all your fabulous news and stuff. I was feeling connected. My Bow. Please continue to share on here. (somewhere between your Dad and your Mom with the written word if you will).

    The TAC Tour came to Sopris Mountain Ranch. Hundreds of years of Moo Do experience lined up in the field. When we Ki Hap’d it literally bounced off the mountain and rang in our ears. cool. My Soo Bahk kids classes changed their Ki-Hap to “Mia!” started about the time we were really scared and fought for you and now we can’t stop cause it feels and sounds…………PERFECT! Remember when sometimes it was difficult to stay focused and give your best effort in class?
    ppppfffft! Looking forward to the day when we stand out in that field together and bounce one off Mt. Sopris ourselves.

    Yong Gi, In Neh, Chug Chin Tong Il, Choong Jik, Kyum Sun, Him Cho Chung, Wan Gup and Shin Jook and a whole lotta LOVE!
    jenn g

  3. April Nielsen said:

    Hi Mia,
    I am so happy to read your post and find out that you are home! You are amazing! You go girl. I’m wishing you good health, healing, and happiness.

  4. Kelly Cockrell said:

    YAY MIA! So awesome! Keep on keepin’ on, Miss MiaBella. You’re doing it!

    Lots of light from
    Ms. Cockrell

  5. Hey Mia! Did you see your newspaper article on They called your dad “Joe”…hahaha…tell Joe I said hello! Pretty funny…

  6. Corinne Anderson said:

    Hi Mia! So glad to see your post today! Oh how happy we all are that you are alive and healing!!! Love to you and your family:-)

  7. Quincy Jackson said:

    Awesome, Frikin’ AWESOME! I love you like crazy Mia and I CAN NOT wait to see you. I got you this really cool braclet at this afts festival near my house, its really cool. Maybe I’ll send it through the mail, but I really want to give it to you in person . . . but it sounds like you have a TON of visitors and I know that can be pretty overwelming (is that how you spell it???). Maybe I’ll send you some of the braclets I made through the mail or something like that. I know when I was a kid and TOTALLY still now, I LOVE getting mail (haha I think it’s kinda funny though how it’s like the opposite for parents, all they ever get is bills and stuff :P). I would get all super exited and then open it up and it’d just be some thank you card, DANG IT! I have alwayed wished to get letter in the mail, but even when I would right my old school teachers letters they would never respond x-(. haha whatevs, but your such a popular girl I bet you get ALOT more letters than me ;). Ya, I’ll right you a letter. Well sorry this is awefully long! I’ve been sending other comments but I’m not sure you have been getting them, I’ll write them one day and they’ll be gone the next! They might have been too long… WOOPS! Sorry about how long they are and stuff but, I don’t know, I always plan on making them half as long as they end up being, no, like a third as long!!! but I guess I just love the feeling of you actually getting what I’m saying to you, just cause I’ve been wanting to talk to you for, like ever! even though it doesn’t seem like it at school and stuff, I have really always loved you this much even before all this, I’d be sending this to you if it never happended, I just want you to know that 😛 (sorry if I’m getting to cheasy for ya :P). Well it’s late and I guess I better stop :(. Goodnight awesome girl!!! I really can’t wait to see you and give that hug I’ve been dreaming about giving you 😉 (litterly dreaming about!) NIGHTY NIGHT!


    P.S. haha do you know what was funny? I was at this art festival that my dad was playing at and we passed by this stand that had the hat/ mask thing that you’re wearing in that one picture of you. The hat’s blue with wings on the side and the A in the middle. so ya that was cool, I really wanted to get it but I forgot money 😦 Oh well! goodnight!

  8. Mike Guynn said:

    Me again, glad your doing well. Glad your with us.

  9. bonnie martineau said:

    HI MIA!!!!!!!!!

  10. Stephanie said:

    Welcome home Mia! We saw Grace and Missy on Thursday when they came to Rocky Mountain Martial Arts in Basalt to say hi to everyone. We hear you are doing a wonderful job working hard to continue getting your strength back. We are so happy you are home again… we think the pictures are wonderful! We wish all the best as you continue healing and we are so grateful you doing so well. peace and love from Colorado! Stephanie, Clay, Katie and Mia 🙂

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